They were told not to expect anything on the day in question, but thanks to their new baby girl, Lucy, this Queensland couple received an extraordinarily unusual surprise.

They were instructed not to expect anything on that particular day, but thanks to their newborn daughter, Lucy, a Queensland couple were given a remarkably unusual surprise. With the arrival of their mother, father, and newborn on August 16, this family from southwest Queensland has taken birthday celebrations to a …

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When Jono’s mother first saw his face, she ran away and left him in the maternity crib. You won’t believe what this ”monster” looks like today!

When Jono Lancaster was born, his parents made a decision not to take him home from the hospital. The syndrome he was diagnosed with, Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare disorder that affects the facial structure and hearing abilities, was the reason they weren’t able to love him. Having the syndrome …

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