Video: A strange shot between Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Jan Oblak and Diego Simeone

Amazing things happen between Diego Simeone and his goalkeeper Oblak in the Super Cup semi-final against Real Madrid.
Oblak, goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid, tried to pass the ball to striker Griezmann and started an attack with a long pass, but something strange happened.
Oblak passed the ball off the field to his coach, Diego Simeone, who made a strange and strange reaction that made the fans stop laughing.
Simeone exploded in anger in Oblak’s face and came with all speed and kicked the ball with all force and returned it again to Oblak, who did not understand what Simeone did in this strange shot.
Watch the strange shot that occurred from Oblak, the Atletico goalkeeper, and Simeone’s strange reaction, which became the talk of the hour and made the fans unable to stop laughing.

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