Watch: The moment Arda Guler enters his first derby with Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid

The historic shot that shocked Turkish Arda Guler the moment he entered the field in his first derby with Real Madrid.
Watch: Ancelotti decided to replace Valverde in the 112th minute and replaced him with the Turkish talent Guler, but what happened from the fans at this moment is astonishing.
The fans stood up and caused a shocking earthquake throughout the stadium that neither Valverde nor even Griezmann could comprehend, who stood in amazement at the fans’ attitude towards this young man.
What the fans did in this scene of Valverde leaving and Arda Guler coming in is crazy in the world of football.
Watch the moment Arda Guler enters and Valverde exits amid a historical epic created by the fans in the stands, in a shot that caused an earthquake in all of Saudi Arabia.

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