Watch: Barcelona’s legendary first goal against Osasuna using tiki-taka and a world-class assist from Gundogan

In the match between Barcelona and Osasuna in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final, the match ended in favor of Barcelona with a goal to nothing, so that the Barcelona people are waiting for an exciting Clasico next Sunday against Real Madrid.

What Gundogan does is beyond the impossible, gentlemen. In this shot, I became legendary, as if I saw Messi back again.
Watch the video: Barcelona’s global goal in the tiki-taka style Barcelona’s Gundogan received the ball and with a magical insight made Lewandowski suffer a shock when he found the ball in front of him while he was alone in the goal to score the lead goal.
Gundogan broke the defense line with one incredible and genius touch. Lewandowski then went to Yamal and told him that this is how goals are made. Awesomeness from Lewandowski and a fantastic pass from Gundogan.

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