Video: Mbappe’s fabulous goal in the French Super Cup, his special celebration with Achraf Hakimi

Kylian Mbappe creates chaos, madness and wonder in the French Super Cup final with this legendary goal, and a special celebration is celebrated with Moroccan Achraf Hakimi.
Watch: Mbappé received the ball amidst a mass of Toulouse players, and everyone expected that he would lose the ball quickly amidst this number of players, but what happened was astonishing.
Mbappe started in a strange way and dribbled past the Toulouse players in a world-class manner, entered the penalty area and scored a fantastic goal that caused a crazy earthquake in the entire stadium.
Commentator Hassan Al-Aidaroos exploded in the comment, saying: Mbappe created chaos in this shot.
They watched Mbappe’s world-class and legendary goal against Toulouse in the French Super Cup and his celebration with Moroccan Achraf Hakimi in an imaginative shot that won everyone’s admiration.

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