Video: A legendary free kick from Achraf Hakimi with his team, Paris, against Toulouse in the French Super Cup

The African national teams are not ready for these imaginary free kicks, Ashraf Hakimi.
The match commentator will retire because of the wonder that happened in this free kick, Moroccan.
Watch the wonder and strangeness: The referee awarded a direct free kick to Paris Saint-Germain from a very long distance, and Ashraf Hakimi stopped executing the kick, and everyone expected that Hakimi would make a cross into the penalty area, but what happened from the Moroccan is astonishing.
The son of Morocco decided to shock the entire world and surprise the Toulouse goalkeeper. He executed the direct free kick in an imaginative and innovative way and made all the fans stand up and celebrate scoring the goal, but what happened in the end shocked everyone.
They watched the legendary free kick executed by Moroccan Achraf Hakimi and the reaction of coach Luis Enrique, who did not understand the strange way in which Hakimi shot this crazy kick.

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