Watch: Vinicius Junior’s incredible skill and his legendary shot against Real Mallorca

Save the Spanish League teams and clubs immediately from the wonders of this crazy Brazilian Vinicius Junior.
They saw the creativity and madness of Luka Modric with the ball, and the defenders put pressure on him, so he got rid of the ball and passed it to the Brazilian Visenius, and in front of him was a player from Real Mallorca, but Vinicius Junior decided to surprise everyone with a strange, unbelievable shot.
Vinicius dribbled the player in a fantastical way, with a global bridge between the player’s feet, then fired a legendary shot, but the clash happened to Vinicius in the end.
Watch the wonder and myth that occurred from Vinicius Junior and his imaginative skill that caused an earthquake in the Real Madrid stadium and made the fans stand up to applaud him for the myth and imagination that he did.

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