Watch: Isco’s legendary assist in Real Betis’ goal against Celta Vigo today

The wonder and madness is happening with Isco with Real Betis in the Spanish League.
Watch Isco shock Celta Vigo players and everyone on the field with a legendary founder who deceived 5 players with a touch of imagination and creativity.
The Real Betis player passed the ball to Isco on the edge of the penalty area with his back to the goal. Everyone expected it to be a normal opportunity and it would pass safely, but look at the myth that happened from Isco.
If Isco had known that leaving Real Madrid would make him such a terrifying player, he would have left immediately after signing the contract with Real Madrid.
They watched Isco’s legendary assist, which destroyed Celta’s entire defense line and made them wonder in shock and amazement, what this madman had done to us.

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