Video: An exciting and strange shot of Ronaldo and Portugal player Ricardo in front of the Iceland goal

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In the match between Portugal and Iceland in the final round of qualifying for Euro 2024, which ended with Portugal winning by two goals to nothing, confirming its lead in the group and completing the year 2023 without suffering any loss.
Oddities occurred from Cristiano Ronaldo in the match because he sought to score a goal throughout the match and did not succeed in doing so in the end.
Joao Felix shot a rocket ball that was blocked by the Iceland goalkeeper and the ball bounced back to Ronaldo and the goalkeeper fell to the ground and the net was empty in front of him, but what happened was amazing.
Ronaldo thought the ball was easy and he would put it into the goal with ease before the goalkeeper shocked him with a quick reaction that the Don did not expect.
The young player Ricardo scored the goal in front of Ronaldo, who could not control himself and started laughing because of what happened.

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