Barcelona finds a replacement for Gafi from Paris Saint-Germain

It is no secret to anyone the difficult financial situation that Barcelona has been going through in recent years. The team that has dominated international and Spanish football throughout the past decade has become in great danger due to this devastating crisis.
Despite this, management seeks to correct and improve the situation in a way that helps the team grow and prevents decline
The suddenness and exposure to what happened to the popular and well-established clubs, and there are many examples of this.
The major disaster that befell the Barcelona team was the curse of injuries that befell many of the Catalan team’s stars and put coach Xavi in trouble and a major crisis until the end of the season.
The shocking news that Xavi received yesterday after the team’s star, Gavi, suffered a cruciate ligament tear, so he seeks to find a replacement for the team’s star next January.
Xavi puts many options on the Barcelona management table to replace Gavi, and at the top of this list is the star Paris Saint-Germain player
Fabian Ruiz, the Spanish player, the midfield maestro, as the management of the Spanish club Barcelona is currently trying to monitor many possible deals, to strengthen the ranks of the Catalan giant, during the upcoming winter transfer period next January.
The Catalan administration is placing, one of the stars of the French team Paris Saint-Germain, a priority for upcoming contracts, after trying to include him in recent years, and the matter became necessary after Gavi’s injury.
Xavi insists on the Barcelona management contracting with the player in any way, even if on loan, especially since he does not participate much with the Paris Saint-Germain team, and therefore it will be easy to convince the management to abandon him.
If this situation continues, it would be good for Barcelona to appear again in the player negotiations, especially since the player enjoys the way Barcelona plays, which the fans love.
The player can form a wonderful duo with the Dutchman De Jong, and he will help Gundogan free up his position, in addition to that he will be very special next to Pedri and the best alternative to Gavi. The player is also a fan of Barcelona and dreams of playing for the Catalan teams.
The player is excellent in all the playing roles required of a midfielder and will definitely be a high-caliber signing for Barcelona.

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