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In the match that brought together the Egyptian team and its counterpart, the Sierra Leone team, which ended with the Egyptian team winning by two goals to nothing.
A terrifying shot.. The shocking crowd riot against the players of the banking team in the Egypt-Sierra Leone match became the talk of the hour at lightning speed.
Minute 89: The Egyptian national team player was standing in the middle of the field and was surprised and shocked by the security men who stormed the field from all sides and ran like crazy and stopped the match immediately.
The security men saw that some fans came down to the field and went towards the Egyptian national team players, and some of them tried to attack them, so look what happened to them.
The strange and strange thing is that Mohamed Abdel Moneim turned into a monster and went to the fan and made him run away from him in a strange scene from the star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team.

من Ahmed

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