Watch a world-class goal with a fantastic rise from the flying Dutchman Luuk de Jong

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In the second group, which includes Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven, the group that Arsenal leads with 9 full points.
In the same group, Eindhoven ignited the battle for second place after defeating Lens with an unanswered goal, and the two teams were equal on 5 points.
Luuk de Jong scored the only goal of the match in the 12th minute, taking advantage of John Bakayoko’s pass.
The former Dutch player for Barcelona, Luuk de Jong, came out after the match after scoring the winning goal for his team in the Champions League and being named man of the match. He spoke about Barcelona, saying:
I do not think that our capabilities allow us to achieve champions, so I hope that Barcelona will be crowned with it. It is time to do that. I am still watching Barcelona. The Camp Nou and the beautiful things cannot be forgotten. I really love Barcelona.

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