Xavi protects himself from Laporta’s treachery with several requests and threatens to leave if they are not implemented

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In the wake of Barcelona’s resounding defeat against its host, Shakhtar, in the fourth round of the Champions League, with a clean goal in Ukraine, and a continuation of the fluctuation in the team’s level, which appeared poorly in the last matches of the Spanish League.
Laporta and officials fear that Barcelona’s position will become more complicated after the defeat against Shakhtar if Porto surprises the Catalan team at the Montjuïc Stadium.
Xavi is going through a difficult period in terms of preparing for matches and choosing the appropriate squad for the matches. It is clear that Xavi still does not have the leadership keys to prove that he is capable of leading the Barcelona project.
The Spanish coach feels betrayed by Laporta and has demands that must be implemented, otherwise he will resign if they are not implemented. The first of them is the departure of the disastrous player, the failed summer deal from the team, and the signing of three stars, led by the Manchester City star, the joker player, and the one close to Xavi’s heart, the Portuguese star Bernardo Silva, the player whom Xavi is still chasing. Every time he talks about his requests in the Mercato.
The player was close to joining last summer, had it not been for Manchester City’s exaggeration in the amount of the player’s sale and Barcelona’s inability to sign the player due to the team’s poor financial situation.
The second deal that Xavi wants is a focal player, and he requested by name the Real Betis star and world champion with Argentina, Guido Rodriguez, to come in January, and in exchange for him, the underperforming player Oriol Romeu will leave.
In the summer, he wants to get rid of the headache of the focal point by signing the Bavarian Bayern Munich star, the German player Joshua Kimmich, the player who prefers to leave for Barcelona, refusing to renew his contract.
In addition to the hasty arrival of Vitor Roque in January due to the fluctuations in the performance of Polish scoring star Robert Lewandowski.
The departure of Marcos Alonso and Sergi Roberto is at the top of Xavi’s most important requests, given the lack of benefit from these players and merely crowding the team’s roster without any benefit.
Xavi believes that if his requests are not implemented, Barcelona’s season will be spoiled and he will bear the failure alone, so he threatens to withdraw and resign.

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