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The effects of the defeat with Shakhtar still make everyone inside Barcelona anxious, and everyone blames the other.
Barcelona fears a repeat of the scenario of the past two seasons, when it left the tournament in the group stage and went to the European League, which is a scenario that Barcelona does not want at all.
Xavi, the coach who was made a scapegoat for what was happening in the team, did not agree to this and leaked news to the press about who was causing the team’s collapse at the present time.
In light of this, press reports revealed today that Barcelona committed a serious mistake when it allowed one of its former players to leave the ranks of the Catalan club’s first football team at the beginning of last summer.
Barcelona’s performance declined during this season for at least three matches, the last of which was the surprise that occurred in Germany when the Catalan club suffered its first defeat in the Champions League this season, and it was at the hands of the Ukrainian Shakhtar in the fourth round of the group stage in the Champions League. How much did it lose? The lead and was defeated in a dramatic scenario in El Clásico.
According to Sport newspaper, it appears that Barcelona made a mistake when it allowed Dutch striker Luuk de Jong to leave the ranks of the Catalan club’s first football team.
The report added that this season with PSV Eindhoven, Luuk de Jong succeeded in scoring 16 goals, while he also managed to create 8 goals, in only 20 matches so far, during which he contributed to a total of 24 contributions, which is a large number.
The Catalan club signed Luuk de Jong, coming from the Spanish ranks of Sevilla, in the summer of 2021 for one season. During this season, he played 29 matches with Barca, during which he succeeded in scoring 7 goals.
Xavi indirectly attacked Laporta because he is the reason for the player’s departure and not sticking with him, even though his numbers are better than the Polish player and current team striker Robert Lewandowski, who is going through a free period and a significant fluctuation in his level, which made him abstain from scoring for 6 consecutive matches.

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