A video that was not captured by television cameras: Vinicius Junior assaulting Barcelona player Javi by slapping him in the face

In the match that ended, the world’s attention turned to the El Clasico, which brought together the two rivals, Real Madrid And the Barcelona team at the Montjujuic Stadium, the match that ended with Real Madrid’s victory over Barcelona With two goals to one, Barcelona scored the first goal of the match early through German player Ilkay Gundogan in the sixth minute, and Real Madrid tied with a legendary goal by the English magician Jude Bellingham.
The same player returned and sealed the victory for Real Madrid with a goal and fabulous positioning in the 91st minute of stoppage time.

There is a controversial moment during the match where Vinicius Junior slapped Barcelona player Javi in the face The referee did not refer to the mouse, as the Real Madrid player deserved to be sent off in this shot.

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