After losing El Clasico, Barcelona discovers a legendary Brazilian gem and snatches it from the clutches of Real Madrid

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Despite Barcelona’s dire financial situation, many star players still dream of playing for the Catalan team.
No matter how prevalent the language of money is, playing at the Camp Nou in the shirt of a historic club like Barcelona is a dream for most and most players in the world.
The club that played for Rivaldo, the phenomenon Ronaldo, the legend Maradona and the magician Johan Cruyff.
The alien Lionel Messi is still able to attract world stars even when he is in the worst situation and in severe economic hardship.
Many stars put clauses in their contracts out of love for Barcelona. The player requires, before renewing his contract, that there be a clause that allows him to facilitate his transfer to Barcelona, as the Catalan newspaper Sport revealed. Also, many talents in the world dream of playing for Barcelona, including Brazilian star Messinho, as the Catalan newspaper Sport reported. News that Barcelona will follow Messinho with the Brazilian national team in the U-17 World Cup.
It is noteworthy that the tournament will be held next November, as it will be a good opportunity for the Catalan club to follow the young Brazilian star, who had previously confirmed his desire to wear the Catalan club shirt, the player who is also followed by Real Madrid, but the desire of the Barcelona player comes first.
The Palmeiras winger is 16 years old, which will make him a good choice for Barcelona’s future, especially with his multiple skills.
Barcelona has great experiences with young Brazilian talent, the biggest example of which is Neymar Jr. and the upcoming player in the winter, Vitor Roque.

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