Video: Jamal Musiala’s legendary and imaginary goal after a deceptive implementation of a free kick from Harry Kane

In the match between Bayern Munich and Darmchad 98 at the Allianz Arena in the tenth round of the Bundesliga championship, which ended with the Bavarian team winning with a heavy score of eight goals to one goal. The strangest thing is that the Bavarian team scored its eight goals in the second half only to temporarily bring the team to the lead.
Bayern Munich players, led by Harry Kane, invent a fantastic way to execute free kicks in the German League.
Harry Kane stood to take the free kick with Leroy Sane next to him, and everyone thought that one of them would take this kick, but what happened from Kane deceived and shocked everyone on the field.
Jamal Musiala was the one who scored this goal, but look in what way he scored this imaginary goal for Bayern and the reaction and shock of the opponent’s goalkeeper.

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