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After the end of the match between the Spanish national team and its host, the Norway national team, yesterday evening, in the eighth round of qualifiers for the upcoming Euro 2024, which included the Spanish national team participating in the Euro after a clean goal victory over Norway, it came at the feet of the golden boy, Pablo Javi, to secure the top spot in the group for the Spanish national team.
Pablo Javi appeared in a press conference after the end of his country’s match, Spain, against Norway. The journalist asked a strange and confusing question to Javi, and the journalist’s question was as follows: Did you score the best goal of your career today against the Norway national team?
Javi’s response was strange to some because he confirmed that the best goal of his career was scored by his club Barcelona against El Che in the 18th round of last season 2022 in the match that ended with Barcelona winning by three goals to two.
The strangest thing is that some people do not remember this goal, so the journalist was surprised by Jaffe’s answer

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