Cancelo’s legendary and imaginative goal that astonished everyone

In the match that brought together the Portuguese national team and its host, the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team, this evening, in the eighth round of qualifiers for Euro 2024, which ended with the Portuguese national team winning 5-0, making the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team lose its chance to qualify for the next Euro, and the Portuguese national team confirming its lead in the qualifiers, the Spanish player Barcelona and the national team scored Portugal’s Joao Cancelo scored a special goal that left everyone in awe of the beauty of the goal from the flying full-back.
Joao Cancelo wins the award for the most beautiful goal of the week in FIFA in this magical and imaginative way. Bruno Fernandes sent a ball to Cristiano and everyone expected a goal from Ronaldo, but the ball escaped from the Don in a strange way outside the penalty area. Cancelo came at full speed from outside the penalty area and fired an inspired shot. The imagination settled in the 90th corner and announced a legendary goal. The match commentator lost his mind live on air and Ronaldo was in a state of amazement because of this amazing goal from Cancelo.

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