After Real Madrid’s shock yesterday, Barcelona shocks Bayern Munich and is close to concluding a contract with the jewel of the Bundesliga midfield

In light of the continuous effort to strengthen the ranks, the established fan clubs seek to reduce the large gap with the money clubs by using their name and fan base to convince players and young talents to join their ranks.
There is a fiery struggle between Barcelona and Bayern Munich over a big star who has emerged and whose name has shined in the Bundesliga this season and last, where he is performing at impressive levels that have made him a major target for the European giants Barcelona and Bayern Munich.
Barcelona is among the clubs that are closely monitoring the player’s development and are looking forward to a move to include him in the near future.
However, Barcelona is set to face intense and fierce competition in the contract race, as German giant Bayern Munich appears, which wants to sign Bayer Leverkusen star Florian Wirtz, and Bayern Munich has developed a plan to outperform Barcelona in this race.
Mundo Deportivo newspaper indicated that Bayern Munich seeks to make the player an essential part of their future project.
But on the other hand, Xavi is one of the biggest admirers of the German player’s talent and wants to make him the most important player in Barcelona’s future system, the player who will be the link between defense and attack. But Bayern Munich’s conviction to sign Florian Wirtz may make things difficult for Barcelona, which is not in the best of… Financial situation and facing a severe crisis that may afflict the club. But the German player seems to have chosen the team he represents, as the player’s agent confirmed that the player loves Xavi and considers him his ideal and wants to repeat his achievements as a player in Barcelona. Thus, the player dealt a resounding shock to Bayern Munich, which insists on contracting with the player, but the player’s desire The matter is settled.

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