Watch Cavani waste two chances in the strangest possible way with his team, Boca Juniors, as if he lost his scoring memory.

The wonder happened from Cavani with Boca Junior in the quarter-finals of the Argentine Cup a short while ago.
In the 71st minute, Boca Junior tied the score and needed a goal to win and advance. Cavani was completely alone with the goalkeeper and wanted to score a world-class goal over the goalkeeper, but what happened left everyone in a state of shock and amazement.
In the 72nd minute, just 30 seconds later, Cavani went alone again, but this time he missed the opportunity in a strange way, and I did not understand what he wanted to do, and Cavani fell to the ground and could not believe himself.
Watch the madness that Cavani did, wasting two chances in a strange way in less than a minute, as if he lost his memory at this moment.

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