Haaland’s imaginary goal that stunned everyone on the field

In the match that brought together the Norwegian national team and its Cypriot host in the seventh round of qualifiers for the European Nations Championship (Euro), which ended with the Norwegian national team winning 4-0, keeping the Norwegian national team in its chances of qualifying with 10 points in the first group and competing with the Spanish and Scottish national teams for the title. Qualification.

He missed scoring in the Premier League, so he decided to shock everyone with a fantastic goal in the European Nations qualifiers.
Haaland’s global goal with Norway against Cyprus came in an imaginative way that only this crazy person can do.
The ball escaped from Haaland and everyone expected that the attack was over, but Haaland decided to surprise everyone with a strange shot from an impossible position that announced an imaginary goal that astonished everyone on the field.

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