Barcelona is negotiating with its former star to bring him back in the summer Mercato from Liverpool

It is no secret to anyone about the difficult financial situation that Barcelona is going through, and everyone in Barcelona is working accordingly Despite this situation, the administration spares no effort to ensure that the team remains among the elite teams in the country
Europe as everyone is accustomed to. In light of this, a Spanish press report stated today,Wednesday, that Barcelona is monitoring
The position of one of his former stars, to move to include him next summer. According to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”.Barcelona is interested in signing the Liverpool star midfielder, a player who has excelled a lot with the Reds over the years The past is in a free deal that will not cost the team a single euro, given the player’s desire to return to his parent team, Barcelona.
The player is a personal requirement for Xavi, who desperately wants to sign the player due to his enormous abilities and potential Therefore, Barcelona is seeking to implement Xavi’s request to include Liverpool’s star midfielder, Thiago Alcantara. Thiago’s name was linked to his departure from Liverpool after the end of last season, as he did not participate.He suffered a lot, and he missed 24 matches due to the injury he sustained with the Reds. As we mentioned previously, Yawas The Catalan team is focusing on players whose contracts with their clubs expire, due to the financial situation difficult for the Barcelona club. The newspaper indicated that coach Xavi Hernandez asked Joan Laporta The Barcelona president gave him permission and the green light to negotiate and obtain the services of the Liverpool star, in the summer
Next in Mercato 2024. It is noteworthy that Thiago underwent surgery and did not participate with Liverpool this season in any way.A match, and the player has the right to sign with any team for free starting next January.

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