Watch the video of Barcelona legend Mascherano talking about his only goal with Barcelona and the players’ historic reaction after scoring this goal

Barcelona legend Javier Mascherano talked about many of his memories with the Catalan team, and one of the beautiful things that Javier Mascherano talked about was his only goal that he scored with Barcelona against Osasuna in the La Liga match that was held at Barcelona’s historic Camp Stadium. The legend Javier Mascherano talked about his memories of this goal and said: :
The only goal I scored from a penalty kick was because of the legend Messi. He said to me at the time, “I will not let you leave Barcelona without scoring a goal.” And when I scored, I saw everyone laughing with joy for me. It was a great shot in my career and I will remember it all my life. If it were not for Messi, I would not have had this wonderful opportunity to put my name on the list. Players who have scored at least one goal with Barcelona.

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