Watch Gabon’s Aubameyang’s legendary goal with Marseille today and a global assist from Moroccan Amin Harit

In the match that now brings together Olympique Marseille and Le Havre in the French League.
The myth happened between the Moroccan Amin Harit and the Gabonese Aubameyang in a wonderful and legendary offensive sentence.
Aubameyang invents a magical way of scoring goals in the French League that astonishes everyone.
The son of Morocco sent a universal pass to Aubameyang, and everyone expected a normal goal from the Gabonese
But Aubameyang decided to dazzle everyone with a fantastic finish and a fantastic goal for his team, Marseille, after he deceived a goalkeeper.
The goal is with an imaginative touch that only great players and legendary strikers can do
Watch Gabonese Aubameyang’s world-class goal after a very wonderful assist from Moroccan Atlas Lion Amin Harit.

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