Watch because of this shot, Messi bites his fingers in remorse and may consider leaving Inter Miami

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In the match that brought together the legendary Messi team with the Cincinnati team in the championship competitions
The league qualifies for the final qualifiers of the American League. The team of the legend Messi failed to reach
To the final qualifiers in a strange shot during the match. This shot made Messi regret deep down
He most regrets that he went to the American League, and may even ask for his immediate departure from Inter Miami. Messi
He did not understand how to shoot a scissor shot in such a funny way. Watch as Martinez, the Miami player, wanted to score a legendary goal with an exceptional scissor kick, but what happened caused the entire stadium to burst into hysterical laughter.

If you have not seen the worst scissor kick in the history of football, you can watch the shot recorded with a name
Martinez, Inter Miami player.

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