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In the match that brought together the team of the legend Messi and the team Cincinnati in the league championship qualifying competitions for the final qualifiers of the American League. The team of the legend Messi failed to reach the final qualifiers, and there is sad news coming for the fans of the legend. For the next 4 months, we will not see the legend Lionel Messi playing football except with the national team. Argentina due to Inter Miami’s failure to qualify for the final qualifiers of the American League. In a strange scene during the match, Busquets continues his strange and disastrous mistakes and causes anger and extreme emotion from the legend Messi and Inter Miami’s loss at dawn today.
Busquets wanted to dodge two Cincinnati players in one game, so look at the disaster and wonder that happened.
Watch Cincinnati’s winning goal against Inter Miami and Messi’s reaction and anger at Busquets’ strange behavior.
                                                   Watch the full video below.

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