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In the match between Barcelona and Sevilla in the last round of the La Liga competitions, the cameras captured an exciting shot starring the young hero, Javi, and the veteran star Robert Lewandowski, in the match between Barcelona and Seville in the Spanish League.
The match between the two teams, which was hosted by the Luis Companis Stadium in Barcelona, ended in a difficult victory for the Catalans with a score of 1-0.
Javi appears upset by Lewandowski’s behavior, which caused an unnecessary foul on Barcelona in the final minutes of the match.
Javi said in the video while shouting at Lewandowski: “Robert, we don’t need this there, man,” and the young star stressed the need for Lewandowski to do better.
A video that amazed everyone by Javi’s ability to be a future captain of the Barcelona team.

من Ahmed

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