Barcelona receives good news about a major deal from the Premier League

In light of Barcelona’s search to continuously strengthen the team’s ranks despite the crises that the club is going through, the management of the Spanish club Barcelona received good news regarding one of the strong main goals that Barcelona was seeking to include in the last summer transfer period, to strengthen the team’s midfield.

And Barca coach Xavi Hernandez’s strong desire to further secure the midfield position this season, to provide all the alternatives and options that add vitality and activity to Barcelona’s midfield, which is usually characterized by solidity and strength.

Laporta wants to provide all means of success for the Barcelona team and Xavi so that Barcelona can return to what it used to be. Barcelona fans who want to sweep their green and dry team as they have become accustomed to in the past decade.

Everyone does not skimp on the team with their effort or energy. Despite the crises, everyone stands together so that Barcelona returns to stability and focuses on the field only. Therefore, Barcelona received good news coming from the Premier League, where the star of the team

Tottenham, which Barcelona wants to sign, has become offered for sale by the Tottenham club. The “Football Spain” website revealed a resounding surprise to Barca fans and fans, after announcing the intention of the management of the English club Tottenham Hotspur, to part with the services of the star midfielder, Giovanni Lo Celso, for a price of less than 12 million euros. , during the upcoming winter transfer period.

The Spanish website continued that this step came after the brilliance of newcomer Madison, and his participation primarily in the formation of the team, in light of Giovanni’s desire to get more minutes inside the green rectangle.

It is noteworthy that the officials of the Catalan giant tried to settle the deal for the Tottenham star during last summer’s transfers, but the English team’s management’s exaggeration in the player’s sale price stood as an obstacle to his departure to the Camp Nou, and therefore Barcelona has a golden opportunity to seize the talented player in the next Mercato.

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