Watch the wonder happen with Ronaldo and miss the strangest opportunity in the AFC Champions League

In today’s match between Al-Nasr and Istiklal Club Dushanbe, which ended with Ronaldo’s teammates winning 3-1.
The amazing thing happened from Ronaldo in the AFC Champions League today, the Al-Nasr players in a very fast counterattack and the ball went to the right side.
Sultan Al-Ghannam played a cross, but the Esteghlal defender pushed Ronaldo and dropped him to the ground, and the ball went and passed.
The ball reached Abdul Rahman Gharib and he had a chance to score a goal, but he shot a strange shot, and at this moment Ronaldo was still falling on the ground. He was surprised by the ball, and something happened that no one expected.
Impossible. If Ronaldo scored this ball in this way, it would have been the strangest goal he scored in his football career.

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