A strange video in the Brazilian league: The Santos player provoked their opponent by stopping on the ball, and a street battle broke out between the two teams

In a match in the Brazilian league between Santos and Vasco da Gama, a major battle broke out between the players of the two teams.
A massacre: If we can call things by their proper names, what happened was a football massacre that occurred in Brazil because a Santos player stood on the ball and provoked the opposing players, the Vasco da Gama team.
Watch how the Santos player deliberately provoked the rival players, Vasco da Gama, but all the team players attacked him and beat him severely in a strange shot that we are not accustomed to on football fields.
The match showed 3 red cards because of this clip and this violent clash between the players of the two teams in scenes that are difficult to accept in the sport of football. We must confront such situations.

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