Watch: A catastrophic mistake by Ramos made the Seville players unable to believe what Ramos did in this strange shot

In the match in which Sevilla lost by three goals to two against Alaves, Alaves scored the winning goal against Sevilla in the 90th minute of the match.
But what is strange about Sevilla’s successive defeats is the level of legend Sergio Ramos, which does not please the player’s fans and admirers. Is this Ramos, the legendary defender, or Harry Maguire?
Believe it or not, this mistake came from Sergio Ramos after this age in European stadiums a while ago in a strange shot.
Watch a mistake that a young player learning the basics of football would not make, not a player the size of Ramos Rakitic, and all the Sevilla players reacted to Ramos after the goal in a humiliating way because of this naive and uncalculated mistake.

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