Watch Lamine Yamal’s imaginary pass and the reaction of the commentator who described him as the new Messi

In the match that ended with Barcelona’s victory and its advancement to the Super Cup final to face Real Madrid, Barcelona was able to achieve a 2-0 victory against Osasuna.

In a strange and amazing opportunity during the events of the first half, Amin Yamal does the impossible for Lewandowski, but the Polish player lets Yamal and all Barcelona fans down.
Watch the young and powerful legend, Lamine Yamal, manipulate the entire Osasuna defense line, and give Lewandowski a sure goal opportunity while he was alone in the goal, but what the Polish did was disastrous.
Leva wasted the ball childishly so that young children wouldn’t do it, as if Lewandowski had never played football before.

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