Watch: Griezmann’s historic goal against Real Madrid and Ancelotti’s reaction in today’s Madrid derby in the Spanish Super Cup

News about Xavi and the entire Barcelona administration committing because of what Griezmann did with this imaginary, indescribable goal.
They witnessed the wonder, creativity and drama of former Barcelona player Griezmann in front of him 3 Real Madrid players and everyone thought that the attack was over, but Griezmann decided to surprise and shock everyone with an imaginative skill and then a goal inspired by creativity.
They watched Griezmann’s legendary and legendary goal against Real Madrid in the Madrid derby, the fans’ reaction, and Ancelotti’s shock after this historic goal from Griezmann against Real Madrid.
A fiery match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals of the French Super Cup. After Atletico advanced, Real Madrid returned as usual to turn the tables on Diego Simeone’s team.

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