Watch: Atletico Madrid shocks Real Madrid with an early goal and a strange reaction from Diego Simeone

For the first time, Simeone refuses to celebrate against Real Madrid, despite his lead in the first two minutes. Atletico shocks everyone, including coach Simeone, with a scandalous goal from Real Madrid’s defenses.
The Atletico Hermoso player did not even rise from his position, and with an easy header, everyone was content to watch it, including goalkeeper Kepa!! Frankly, a disaster for Real Madrid’s defences.
Even coach Simeone was surprised at how Real Madrid received this strange goal in the derby, and in the first minutes, it was as if the team had forgotten about football during the New Year’s holiday.
An important match in which one of the two teams advances to the final of the Spanish Super Cup, making it the first tournament of the season in the new year for one of the quartet based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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