Video: Mbappe’s world-class goal after a historic assist from Marco Asensio

It is impossible This is against reason, logic and interpretation. This is indescribable madness, Asensio.
Watch the myth and the crazy: Asensio and Mbappe mark a historic goal that only comes once every 10 years in a genius way that the human mind cannot believe.
The Paris player passed the ball to Asensio inside the penalty area, but what Asensio did in this shot became the talk of the hour at lightning speed.
Asensio invented a new way to score goals with the heel, and with an incredibly crazy touch, he made Mbappe score an imaginary goal for Paris.
All the Paris players, including Mbappé, the goal scorer, went to Asensio to celebrate with him this historic assist, which shocked everyone on the field.

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