Watch: Bamford’s world-class and imaginative goal was an indescribable shot that astonished everyone present in the stadium

Officially, the award for the best and most beautiful goal in 2024 was decided in just the first 7 days of the beginning of the new year.
For the first time in history, the Puskas goal will be chosen by a player in the English second division because of this strange and indescribable goal.
Watch the myth, creativity and madness: The Leeds United player passed the ball to the international striker Patrick Bamford, who surprised and shocked the entire world. He flew in the air and performed an imaginary control, then a legendary finish in the net that astonished all the fans and left his mark on a historic, legendary and cinematic goal.
The crazy Bamford decided to reserve the Puskas Award for the next 5 years because of this exceptional goal, a Sinai goal that we do not see very often these days on football fields.

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