Watch: Brahim Diaz’s world-class goal with Real Madrid after a fantastic start from the middle of the field

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The impossible is happening to Moroccan Brahim Diaz with Real Madrid now.
Watch the wonder: Diaz received the ball in the middle of the field among three players, and in the blink of an eye, he dribbled past them in a genius way and went on to score an imaginary goal for Real Madrid.
Diaz dribbled the players of the Arandina team with world-class skill that left everyone in a state of shock, and then he set off at a crazy speed until he reached the penalty area and scored a fantastic goal with his weak foot, making the goalkeeper and the opposing players only look at the ball as it hugged the net. The son of Morocco did literally everything in football in This is an imaginary goal.
They watched Brahim Diaz’s imaginary goal in the Spanish King’s Cup after a skill, a missile launch from the middle of the field, and a deceptive shot that left everyone shocked and amazed.

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