Watch: Arda Guler’s legendary free kick with Real Madrid in the Spanish King’s Cup

Myth and madness happen from Turkish talent Arda Guler with Real Madrid in the Spanish King’s Cup.
Minute 18: Real Madrid gets a free kick from a special position to score for the right-footed player, but what happened from Arda Guler, the left-footed one, is crazy and amazing.
Ceballos grabbed the ball to take the free kick, but Guler went to him and forcefully took the ball and insisted on taking the kick instead of Ceballos, even though he plays with his left foot.
Indeed, Ceballos left the ball to Arda Guler and made him take the free kick, but look at the myth and creativity that happened in this shot.
Watch the legendary free kick from the young Turkish man, Arda Guler, who surprised and shocked everyone with the most beautiful execution of free kicks you could ever see from a player of his age.

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