Watch: A rare and strange event in the match between Inter Milan and Hellas Verona in the Italian League today

A rare, strange and crazy event that cannot be described in the Italian League.
Watch the amazing thing that happened in the match between Inter Milan and Hellas Verona.
Minute 99: Inter Milan is 2-1 ahead of Verona. Verona’s goalkeeper left his goal and went to help his teammates score the equalizer, but what happened is the strangest event in all of football.
Alexis Sanchez and Nicola Barella cut the ball from the goalkeeper and took off with all speed, while the Verona goalkeeper ran after them with all speed, but what happened was unbelievable to the human mind.
Alexis Sanchez, the former Barcelona player, lost the ball in a strange way in front of an empty net, and everyone entered into a state of indescribable anguish. Then the match referee surprised the entire world.

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