Xavi urges Laporta to get rid of the team’s star, as he has become a useless player

The poor results that the Catalan team is suffering from, its being 7 points away from the lead, the unstable performance, and the plan that does not work with the current players. Therefore, there is great anger from Laporta and the members of the Catalan club.
Press reports revealed that Laporta is angry and extremely dissatisfied with the Catalan team’s star, the player whom Laporta relied on a lot to withdraw the team and advance it in the attack.
“Sport” newspaper revealed that Laporta is very angry with the performance of the Polish team’s star, Robert Lewandowski, a player who did not perform at half his level with Bayern Munich despite his high salary.
Laporta, as the newspaper pointed out, wondered about the performance of the team’s lion and top scorer, and Xavi replied that he was a lion without fangs. He got rid of him and sent him to Saudi Arabia now.
Laporta is waiting for the end of the season to release the Polish scorer, especially in light of his salary increase next season, as stipulated in the contract between the two parties.

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