A strange shot: Sevilla fans booed Ramos during the interview, so look what he did to them

The wonders and oddities of football. He spoke with Ramos from the Sevilla fans in a snapshot that we are seeing for the first time in history.
Watch the wonder: After Sevilla lost to Athletic Bilbao yesterday, Ramos was in an interview with a reporter on one of the channels, and something strange and strange happened from the Sevilla fans that made Ramos explode with anger in a hysterical manner and quarrel with the audience live.
Sevilla fans booed Ramos during the television interview, so look what the crazy Ramos did to them.
Ramos, in a horrific manner, ignored the reporter, left talking about the match, and exploded in the face of the fans in a way that shocked everyone and made them unable to comprehend what captain Ramos had done.
Watch the strange moment that happened between Ramos and the Sevilla fans and it became the talk of the entire world.

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