Watch: The strange free kick from Riyad Mahrez that left the Algerian people in a state of shock and amazement

Impossible, Riyad Mahrez performed the strangest free kick in his football career with the Algerian national team a short while ago.
Watch: The Algerian national team wins a free kick against the Togo national team from a very special place to score, and Riyad Mahrez stands to take the kick.
Everyone expected that Mahrez would score a goal in his own genius way of executing free kicks, but what happened shocked and astonished everyone.
For the first time I see Mahrez in this strange state, as if he does not want to play football again or has lost the passion for scoring goals.
Watch the free kick that Riyad Mahrez executed in a strange and strange way, which shocked the Algerian people before the African Nations Championship.

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