Video: A historic comeback from Luis Diaz, who scored a brace in 3 minutes against Brazil in the World Cup qualifiers.

In the match that the Colombian team played against Brazil, the Colombian team was able to win by two goals to one.
Madness, wonder and myth spoke from Luis Diaz against Brazil.
News that Luis Diaz’s father was transferred to the hospital because of what his crazy son did in front of the Seleção.
The 75th minute, Brazil 1-0 Colombia. Everyone expected an easy victory for Brazil, but what Diaz did was absolutely amazing.
Luis decided to shock everyone and surprise the whole world, and he scored two goals in just 3 minutes in a crazy way that caused an indescribable earthquake in the stadium and announced the victory of Colombia over Brazil in a strange and strange scenario.
Luis Diaz’s father collapsed and fell on the fans in the stands because of the wonder his son did.

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