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In the match between Portugal and Liechtenstein in the qualifiers for the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany, in which Portugal leads by 2-0.
Strangeness and astonishment occur between Ronaldo and commentator in a strange and wondrous scene, one of the most amazing scenes and shots that occur between a commentator and a player.
Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to score a fantastic goal from a backward game after he flew in the air, causing the entire stadium to laugh hysterically, but what the match commentator did was nothing short of amazing.
The commentator exploded live on air and convinced the viewers and followers that Ronaldo had scored an imaginary goal and that the ball had not been lost in a way that made everyone laugh.
How do I convince my grandchildren that Ronaldo, 38 years old, made this imaginarybackward lift?
Watch Ronaldo’s legendary and international backward kick with Portugal, which forced all the fans to stand up to cheer and applaud the legend Ronaldo.

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