Watch the skills of the rock, Mikel Fay, and his amazing way of playing, the powerful defender coming to lead Barcelona’s defence

Urgent: According to reliable journalist Gerard Romero, Barcelona rejected a strong offer from Arsenal to buy the player and solid defender Mikel Fay, and Xavi is waiting for the player to step up as soon as possible. The player is seen by critics as a new Carles Puyol and the leader of Barcelona’s defense in the next decade.
Arteta wants the player in a final purchase deal, as he believes that the player is a safety valve and will give Arsenal the defensive strength to compete in all tournaments because of his physical strength and extreme intelligence that he possesses on the field.
No one will imagine the quality of this defender and his amazing development, which made the leaders of Europe envy Barcelona, and everyone wants to kidnap him from Barcelona at any cost.

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