Bayern Munich deals the shock of a lifetime to Barcelona and is close to signing the most important player in Barcelona

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Barcelona does not calm down and does not back down, despite the difficult economic conditions it is going through, which make things not well in the team, but everyone does not delay in seeking to return the Catalan team to its former glory.
One of the biggest reasons why all Barcelona people are in a state of concern is that the financial crisis may topple the most important stars of the Catalan team, in a strong shock to Barcelona fans.
In light of this, there is strong and great interest from Bayern Munich in an important player in Barcelona, whom the Bavarian team wants to sign next summer.
Although Barcelona is the one who is interested in many of the stars of the Bavarian team, the German giant is the one who can destroy Barcelona and kidnap the most important player in the team. Bayern Munich, under orders from Tuchel, seeks to sign Barcelona star Frenkie de Jong, and this is not the first time that this has been done. His name was linked to a move to the German League champion because this transfer had previously been talked about, although it has not been achieved yet.
When the player was still at Ajax in Amsterdam, he actually had the opportunity to move to Germany, but at that time he was not convinced by the offer, and decided to move to the Barcelona project with Josep Bartomeu.
And now, a year later, he may end up going to the Allianz Arena. Although the 26-year-old midfielder has always emphasized that he is very comfortable in La Liga, and is one of the leaders of the Blaugrana team, the difficult financial situation in which he lives is difficult. Barcelona forces him to make sacrifices in 2024 if he wants to continue with the Catalan team.
Coach Xavi cannot imagine the team without De Jong, but anything is possible, especially with the crushing financial crisis the team is experiencing.

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