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In the match between Real Madrid and Valencia, which ended yesterday, the Merengues excelled in a landslide victory over Valencia by five, in a match that witnessed remarkable brilliance from Vinicius Junior.
Vinicius is as if he is talking to the fans and telling them who told you that Real Madrid needs Mbappe, they already have Mbappe.
For the first time in history, club president Florentino Pérez got up and applauded the player while he was being substituted in the match.
Vinicius caused an earthquake in the new Bernabeu stadium the moment he left. The fans, the players, the coach, even the club president all stood and applauded Vinicius.
Perez loves Vinny, treats him like a spoiled boy at Real Madrid, and sends a message to Mbappe that Real Madrid does not stand for a historic player that the Brazilian deserves.

من Ahmed

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