Video: A strange and strange moment that happened in the Brazilian League with Coritiba team

In a match in the Brazilian League between the Curitiba team and the Cruzeiro team, it ended with the victory of the Algerian team, Islam Slimani, with a goal to nothing in the 90th minute.
What happened next was impossible, and Brazil must be banned from playing football because of this strange shot.
Algerian team Islam Slimani scored a fatal goal in the 94th minute of the match, so look what the fans of the opposing team did.
The fans lost their minds on live television and went down to the stadium and beat the Curtiba fans. They were going towards the players in order to beat them, but the players decided to escape and flee the field in a strange, strange scene that does not happen very often.
If it were not for the players escaping from the field, it would have become a massacre that the world would emulate.

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