Video: Bad luck deprives Messi of a historic and legendary goal in a strange and incredible way

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In the match between Inter Miami and New York City, the match ended with Inter Miami losing by two goals to one. The match, which witnessed, before its start, the legendary tribute to Leo Messi, the Bulgarian player, after he won the eighth Ballon d’Or in its history.
Strangeness and wonder happen to Messi in his last match with Inter Miami.
The legend Messi received the ball in the middle of the field and decided to make a fantastic run in his own way. He dribbled the defense in a fantastic way, and when he reached the goal and everyone expected to score a cinematic goal from Leo Messi, a strangeness occurred that shocked everyone in an incredible way.
Bad luck deprived us of a legendary goal by Messi in this strange way.

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